Constitution For The Club!

Article I - Name


The name of this organization shall be the Rutgers Ukrainian Students Club. Acronym: RUSC.


Article II - Objective


The purpose of the Rutgers Ukrainian Students Club is to promote Ukrainian cultural awareness among the Rutgers University community, to any and all students interested in learning about the Ukrainian culture and language through events and activities; and to maintain a link between the members and other Ukrainian organizations.


Article III - Membership


Membership shall be open to all Rutgers University students and must comply with federal laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, disability, marital status, familial status, affectional or sexual orientation, or veteran status.


Article IV - Officers


The minimum number of executive officers of the Rutgers Ukrainian Students Club shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Other officers may include Event Coordinator, Fundraiser and/or Public Relations/Liason. Multiple officers are permitted for non-executive positions. The President, with a majority approval of the executive board, will decide how many of each position to offer for next year, before candidacy ballots are accepted. At least one of the primary officers shall be a Rutgers College student or Rutgers College affiliate. No more than 9 people can be on the executive board at any one time.


Section 1 - Responsibilities


The duties/responsibilities of the officers shall be as follows:


a. President

The President will be responsible for organizing and conducting all meetings unless otherwise authorized by the President or in the President's absence. The President shall be responsible for all actions of the organization and shall serve as the official representative of the organization. The President shall see to it that all officers are fulfilling their duties as stated. The President shall work with other officers to prepare weekly meetings, annual reports, budgets, and form committees when necessary. The President will make decisions that are considered necessary and proper regarding the well-being of the organization.


b. Vice-President

The Vice-President shall serve in the absence of the President. The Vice-President shall assist the President and coordinate the efforts of the organization's committees. The Vice-President will help ensure that all officers fulfill their duties. The Vice-President will also help the non-executive officers with the planning of events.


c. Secretary

The Secretary shall record the actions of the club and officer meetings through Minutes. The Secretary shall take charge of all documents by maintaining a file system for the organization including a list of members, officers, re-registration, past events, and other necessary documents as assigned by the President or Vice-President. The secretary will be responsible for any written correspondence between other clubs and organizations. The secretary will assist in handling advertisement for the club as well as send out weekly e-mails and reminders.


d. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall prepare financial reports for the presentation at meetings. Also the Treasurer shall represent the organization at Treasurer meetings. The Treasurer shall be the chairperson of a budget committee responsible for preparing the following year's budget. The Treasurer shall send all bills when due and pay bills from officers and committee members only when clearly authorized and when receipts for expenditures are attached. The Treasurer shall receive and bank all monies due to the organization; keep bookkeeping records of said funds, and give, upon request, a statement of finances. The Treasurer shall disburse all monies as the organization may direct.


Rutgers College requires that all monies (including but not limited to dues, donations and student fee allocations) of student organizations registered at Rutgers College and receiving more than 50% of its funding from Rutgers College must keep it's funds in the Rutgers College Student Fund Accounting Office. Otherwise, all monies must be maintained in an account at one of the residential undergraduate colleges where it is registered. Organizations must hold their funds at only one college.


Non-executive Officers:

a. Fundraiser

Fundraiser shall be responsible for the planning and coordination of fundraising events, including but not limited to bake sales. Details of the event shall be agreed upon by the entire board.


b. Public Relations/Liaison

Public Relations/Liaison shall be responsible for the planning and coordination of club events and the communication between other organizations. Details of the events shall be agreed upon by the entire board.

Both the Fundraiser and Public Relations/Liaison shall be responsible for all photo documentation of events.


The following officers: President, Vice-President, and Treasurer, shall be the only authorized people to withdraw funds.


Section 2 - Website


Webmaster(s) (no more than 2) shall be appointed by the board in order to keep the website up to date and to continuously improve the website appearance. The webmaster(s) will not be considered a board member unless it is a board member who is undertaking this task.


Section 3 - No Treasurer


In the case that the Treasurer or Secretary is unable to fulfill their duties, the other shall temporarily assume responsibility of both Treasurer and Secretary having the title Secretary-Treasurer until the position can be filled as provided below. The title of Secretary-Treasurer will only be temporary and will be considered a single office position.


Section 4 - Duty


It shall be the duty of all officers to develop and encourage promising leaders.


Section 5 - Executive Board


The Executive Board shall consist of the: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.


Article V – Elections

No student may hold more than one office at the same time.


Section 1 - Nominations


The methods of nominations from the floor and self-nominations shall be used to nominate all candidates for the following academic year. The officers nominated shall include: the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraiser and Public Relations/Liaison. In order to run for the President position, one must have held a previous officer position in RUSC.


Nominations for officers should be made at the meeting prior to the election.


If, after the close of nomination, there are no candidates for a given position, the present President shall appoint an individual to fill the vacancy.


Section 2 - Procedure


Elections will be made by secret ballot. The election will proceed position by position and the votes will be tallied at the end of each vote. An officer may not take part in the voting process for a position, if he/she is running for that position. They may however vote on other positions they are not running for. The President’s vote shall be counted as two votes while the remaining members votes will be counted as one vote each. In the case of a tie, the president will break the tie. In order for a candidate to win the position, at least two board members must have voted for them out of the six. If this does not occur, a re-vote will be held.


Section 3 – Vacancy


Should a vacancy occur in any position, except that of the President, a special election shall be held at the next possible executive board meeting, unless the vacancy occurs eight weeks prior to the election date, when the President shall appoint a temporary officer to serve out the term. If a vacancy in the position of the President occurs, the position shall be filled as provided above.


Section 4 - Eligibility


Only current board members are eligible to vote.


Section 5 - Removal


Removal from office will occur when an officer is not present at a meeting without any prior and valid notification. The amount of absences will be set by the President and will be stated at the first officers meeting after the elections. After the said amount of absences is reached, removal from office will occur with a majority vote of remaining officers.


Article VI - Special/Officer Meetings


Special meetings will be held when requested by any officers or the advisor. There shall be at least two meetings per semester during the academic year. The Executive Board shall be required to meet periodically throughout the summer.


Article VII - Amendments


Any member may propose an amendment to the Constitution. A written copy of the proposed amendment shall be submitted to the Executive Board.

The amendment will be incorporated with a majority vote of the Executive Board. The same voting breakdown and procedure will be used as in the election process.


Article VIII - Environment


This organization shall remain responsible for the ecological consequences of its actions and take steps to insure that any of the actions of the organization shall not further adversely affect the environment All posters and other paraphernalia used to advertise activities will be removed from the area to which they were affixed after the expiration of said activities.


Article IX - Moneys


If necessary, the Executive Board will institute a one time flat fee for membership of $10.00 to cover club expenses such as refreshments for general meetings and donations to the Children of Chernobyl Fund.


Section 1 - Fundraising


The Fundraiser, with the help of the Public Relations/Liaison and Treasurer, will be in charge of fundraising events. Fundraising events shall abide by all Federal, NJ and University laws and guidelines.


Article X - Laws


Section 1 - State and Federal


This organization shall abide by all applicable laws of the State of New Jersey and the United States.


Section 2 - University


This organization shall abide by all applicable rules and regulations of the University and under the privileges as granted by the Office of Student Leadership, Involvement & Programs, Deans, and Dean of Students where chartered. This organization shall also abide by the rules and regulations of the Board of Governors, the University, and the Colleges as provided by the Board of Governors and the Deans of the Colleges.


AMENDMENT I (4-25-06)


This organization shall hold meetings open to participants from other Rutgers campuses and branches as well as guests. However membership will be limited to Rutgers-New Brunswick/Piscataway students only.



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